Korea and America FTA and Area Broadcasting Contents Activation Plan of Digital Environment

한미 FTA와 디지털 환경의 지역방송 콘텐츠 활성화 방안

  • 김덕모 (호남대학교 신문방송학과) ;
  • 김만기 (방송광고홍보문화연구소)
  • Published : 2008.12.31


Market penetration of media capital and with domestic broadcasting and communication fusion affect from the contents competitive situation which is general, the digital conversion of ground group broadcasting which follows in like this change tried to point out the hereafter direction of broadcasting contents industry with Korean-American FTA compromises. Further with role of the program heightening of competitiveness plan for the ground group digital contents activation of local broadcasting and loca broadcasting accomplishes the funeral of succession development and area public opinion integration of politics, economy and culture of the community and being understood for a harmony, and proposed a politic alternative in the Broadcast Communications Commission which starts newly and Local Broadcasting Developmental Commission.