Preparation of LaGaO3 Based Oxide Thin Film on Porous Ni-Fe Metal Substrate and its SOFC Application

  • Published : 2008.12.31


$LaGaO_3$ thin film was prepared on Ni-Fe metal porous substrate by Pulsed Laser Deposition method. By the thermal reduction, the dense $NiO-{Fe_3}{O_4}$ substrate is changed to a porous Ni-Fe metal substrate. The volumetric shrinkage and porosity of the substrate are controlled by the reduction temperature. It was found that a thermal expansion property of the Ni-Fe porous metal substrate is almost the same with that of $LaGaO_3$ based oxide. $LaGaO_3$ based electrolyte films are prepared by the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. The film composition is sensitively affected by the deposition temperature. The obtained film is amorphous state after deposition. After post annealing at 1073K in air, the single phase of $LaGaO_3$ perovskite was obtained. Since the thermal expansion coefficient of the film is almost the same with that of LSGM film, the obtained metal support LSGM film cell shows the high tolerance against a thermal shock and after 6 min startup from room temperature, the cell shows the almost theoretical open circuit potential.


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