Automated Silhouette Extraction Method for Generating a Blueprint from 3D Scan Data of Cultural Asset

문화재의 3D 스캔 데이터로부터 도면을 생성하기 위한 자동화된 실루엣 추출 방법

  • Published : 2008.12.28


In this paper, we propose an automated silhouette extraction method that can effectively extract inner-patterns and silhouettes from 3D scan data of cultural asset. First of all, after creating the edge list of 3D vector data, we decide contour edge and crease edge according to viewpoint. In the next step, after extracting surface silhouette by investigating the vector variation of adjacent faces in crease edge, we finally extract the contour silhouette and surface silhouette for generating the blueprint of cultural asset. To evaluate the performance of the proposed silhouette extraction method, we performed experiments of silhouette extraction using a traditional tile model, a car model and a stone monument model. Comparing with the conventional threshold-based silhouette extraction method, the proposed method extracted more distinct and clear surface silhouettes and inner-patterns by effectively removing meaningless edges, such as noise.


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