A Study on the Application of a CRM-based FRBR Ontology for Cultural Heritage Information: Based on the FRBRoo(object-oriented FRBR)

문화유산 자원 통합 활용을 위한 CRM 기반 FRBR 응용 온톨로지 적용에 관한 연구 - FRBRoo를 중심으로(object-oriented FRBR) -

  • 박지영 (연세대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 2008.12.30


A reference ontology for cultural heritage information, CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model (CRM), has promoted cooperation among memory institutions and FRBRoo, re-constructed version of FRBR based on CRM, was developed. In this study, the harmonized ontology version of FRBR, FRBRoo, was analysed and, as a results, the followings are suggested: empowered interoperability for information exchange and integration among cultural institutions and designing more comprehensible inference rules than original FRBR model. Moreover, the by-products of harmonization gave opportunity to recognize internal inconsistencies of the FRBR model and CRM itself and refine them.


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