Suppression of Magnetization Ringing After Domain Wall Collision Studied by Micromagnetic Simulation

Djuhana, Dede;Piao, Hong-Guang;Lee, Sang-Hyuk;Jun, Su-Hyeong;Shim, Je-Ho;Kim, Dong-Hyun

  • Published : 2008.12.31


Magnetization ringing following domain wall collision on a ferromagnetic nanowire has been investigated by micromagnetic simulation. Suppressed magnetization ringing is observed with the introduction of a small ribbon to the nanowire. Magnetization ringing has been analyzed in a frequency space by a fast Fourier transform. With the introduction of a small ribbon and/or taping of the wire, the amplitude of ringing is reduced with a shifted frequency peak.


domain wall collision;magnetization ringing;magnetization switching


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