Seismic Data Analysis using the R

R을 이용한 지진자료 처리

  • Chung, Tae-Woong (Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Sejong University) ;
  • Lees, Jonathan M. (Department of Geological Sciences, University of Noth Carolina at Chapel Hill) ;
  • Yoon, Suk-Yung (Korea Polar Research Institute, KORDI)
  • 정태웅 (세종대학교 지구환경과학과) ;
  • ;
  • 윤숙영 (해양연구원부설 극지연구센타)
  • Published : 2008.11.30


R is a free software for statical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs not only on UNIX platforms but MS Windows. The R commands are easy and offer interactive help. R is used in extensive field by implementing packages. RSEIS, the package of R, enable us to do easy graphic process of seismic data. Here we illustrate an example of the seismic data process using RSEIS.


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