Effects of the Corporative Relationship with Supervisor on Social Workers (Supervisees)' Working Satisfaction and Burnout

수퍼바이저와의 협동관계가 사회복지사(수퍼바이지)의 업무만족 및 소진에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2008.05.31


The purpose of this study explored the effects of supervisory relationship, conceptualized as working alliance, on social workers' working satisfaction and burnout. The consented participants were 68 supervisors and 80 supervisees working at Social Service Centers located in Seoul and Kyung-ki Province. Hierarchical linear model analyses of survey results from supervisors (n=68) and workers (n=80) revealed that the workers' sense of rapport within the supervisory relationship is related to working satisfaction. While it was expected that the supervisory relationship would also relate to levels of burnout, no association was found in the analyses. However, strong negative correlations were found between the supervisees' feelings of rapport within the supervisory relationship and both emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. The implication of future research and of social work practice and policy were added.