Development of Needs Assessment tool and Extraction Algorithm Fitting for Individuals in Care Management for the disabled in Home

재가장애인 사례관리의 욕구사정 정확도 향상을 위한 사정도구 개발과 욕구추출 알고리즘 과정 연구 - 데이터 마이닝 분석기법을 활용하여 -

  • Published : 2008.05.31


The study aims to develop a assessment tool to provide the in-home disabled in a local community with appropriate services in consideration of physical, emotional, social and environmental circumstances. After collection of assesment data of 200 in-home disabled through use of the tool, a desire-extracting algorithm was developed to provide a service to real needs through the use of decision tree analysis on data mining. The study was conducted for Five months from June 2006 through October 2006, and it is divided into development of an assessment tool and extraction of real needs through the use of the tool. The basic framework of the development of the tool was established through the examination of related literature, the subjective satisfaction of the assessment tool and items were developed through the use of a focus group and experts, and verification was implemented through the use of statistics to confirm the validity of the tool. As a result of the verification, the tool secured following validity and credibility as seen in

. In addition, real needs-extraction algorithm was established through the use of the assessment tool, and the algorithm according each desire was suggested as seen in . The assessment tool and algorithm suggested as a result of the study can be used as data to conduct systematic management of examples through the confirmation of objective desire of in-home disabled.