A National Survey on the Prevalence and Risk Factors of Child Sexual Abuse

아동기 성학대 발생과 배경요인

  • Published : 2008.05.31


Based upon the first national sample of adult men and women, the study aims to examine the prevalence of chid sexual abuse in Korea and factors related to the incidence of child sexual abuse. The results of the study show that 20.8% of the sample experienced one or more types of sexual abuse in their childhood, which indicates that Korean society is not any longer immune to child sexual abuse. With regard to how to cope with sexual abuse, "not informed to anyone and did not get any help at all" is the most major one for all types of sexual abuse. Even those who got help were reported to depend heavily upon private routes such as parents, relatives, or friends, indicating the urgency of establishing systematic intervention schemes for the problem. The results of a logistic regression analysis show that gender of the child, involvement in delinquent behaviors, economic status of the family, number of siblings, and residence in high-crime region are significantly related to the incidence of child sexual abuse. These results of the study would be expected to provide a useful guideline for developing policies or intervention programs aimed to prevent or address child sexual abuse.