The Effect of Domestic Violence Experience on Adolescents' Violence towards Their Parents and the Mediating Effect of the Internet Addiction

청소년의 가정폭력 경험이 부모폭력에 미치는 영향과 인터넷 중독의 매개효과

  • Published : 2008.05.31


This research investigated the relationship between the domestic violence experience of the adolescents and violence towards their parents, and the mediating effect of internet addiction on the relationship. For this research high school and middle school students in Seoul by purposive sampling method as target sample. As a result, 25.3% among the sample answered that they had used verbal or physical violence towards their parents at least one time during the previous year. The group of abused by parents and the observing marital violence/abused by parents group were related to violence towards their parents significantly. On the verification of the effect of internet addiction as the mediator, the internet addiction variable revealed possessing the partial mediating effect in the abused by parents group and the observing marital violence/abused by parents group. It can be concluded that domestic violence experience influenced adolescents' violence towards their parents directly and also indirectly through the internet addiction.