The Study on the Rapid Screening of Schedule Chemicals in Aqueous Solution Using SPE-ACF

수용액에서 SPE-ACF를 이용한 특정화학물질의 신속 스크리닝 기법 연구

  • Published : 2008.06.20


study of the solid phase extraction (SPE) technique using activated carbon fiber (ACF) as a sorbent was carried out on the schedule chemicals in water. 14 different schedule chemicals, which are the hydrolysis products and simulants of chemical agents such as alkylphosphonate, thiodiglycol etc. were selected for the study. Pyridine was used as a promoter to increase the derivatization efficiency, especially to improve silylation of 3-quinuclidinol. To improve the recovery efficiency of amines in the water solution, 1 mL of 5% Et3N/MeOH was introduced into SPE-ACF before the water sample loading. Throughout this study, the optimum condition was established to detect rapidly above chemicals in water.


Solid Phase Extraction; Activated Carbon Fiber; Schedule Chemicals


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