Creation of Electron Beam Probe in Scanning Electron Microscopy

주사 전자 현미경에서 전자빔 프르브 생성

  • 임선종 (한국기계연구원, 지능형 생산시스템 연구 본부) ;
  • 이찬홍 (한국기계연구원, 지능형 생산시스템 연구 본부)
  • Published : 2008.10.15


Most of the electrons emitted from the filament, are captured by the anode. The portion of the electron current that leaves the gun through the hole in the anode is called the beam current. Electron beam probe is called the focused beam on the specimen. Because of the lenes and aperture, the probe current becomes smaller than the beam current. It generate various signals(backscattered electron, secondary electron) in an interaction with the specimen atoms. Backscattered electron provide an useful signal for composition and local specimen surface inclination. Secondary electron is used far the formation of surface imagination. The steady electron beam probe is very important for the imagination formation and the brightness. In this paper, we show the results of developed elements that create electron beam probe and the measured beam probe in various acceleration voltages by Faraday cup. These data are used to analysis and improve the performance of the system in the development.


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