Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Compliance Issues in Korean and American Fisheries

한.미 어업관리제도의 규제순응에 관한 비교 연구

  • Published : 2008.09.30


This study presents a comparative analysis of enforcement and regulatory compliance issues in Korean and American fisheries. The comparison involves characterizing factors which affect regulatory compliance. The study also suggests policy directions and strategies by characteristics of factors suitable to Korean fisheries circumstances in order to induce voluntary compliance from fishers and to make compliance friendly environment for the fishers. In detail, this study has 3 steps as follows. First, this study characterizes factors influencing compliance and non - compliance caused by various reasons and categorizes these factors by considering theories for fisheries regulatory compliance. Major categories of compliance factors consist of fisheries resources, users(fishers), and the government. Each category is composed of several factors and sub - factors by characteristics. Second, this study seeks to diagnose problems and limitations from the regulatory compliance in Korean and US' fisheries by analyzing the current status of the compliance in both countries. The comparative analysis between two countries highlights the problems and limitations of each country's regulatory compliance and leads to implications for Korean fisheries. Third, this study suggests policy directions and strategies suitable to Korean regulatory compliance environment through detailed understanding of U.S.' fisheries regulatory compliance. The suggested strategies are based on the concept of voluntary compliance and compliance - friendly environment, not command and control regulations. Furthermore, this study provides policy suggestions for Korean fisheries regulatory enforcement and compliance issues.