Activity of Police to Enhance Police Service

치안서비스 제고를 위한 경찰활동

  • 김경태 (광주대학교 경찰.법.행정학부)
  • Published : 2008.11.28


In the outwardly changing environment of public security these days, police administration faces the nation's request for qualitative improvement of police service and the new request of police reformation for changing function of police in Korea. The nation wishes police to provide service fairly. The issue most seriously mentioned in the reliability of police service is very large gap in the recognition of service quality between supplier and consumer. To get the trust of nation in delivering police service, the police must have justness, consistency, punctuality of delivery, propriety and efficiency. However, the recognition of citizen, the consumer of police service is more important. How to correspond to the nation's request to police needs to be decided by evaluating the quality of present police service. It is necessary to be interested in what customer wants so as to evaluate the quality of police activity.


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