Effective Scheme for File Search Engine in Mobile Environments

모바일 환경에서 파일 검색 엔진을 위한 효과적인 방식

  • 조종근 (숭실대학교 컴퓨터학과) ;
  • 하상은 (인하대학교 컴퓨터공학과)
  • Published : 2008.11.28


This study focuses on the modeling file search engine and suggesting modified file search schema based on weight value using file contents in order to improve the performance in terms of search accuracy and matching time. Most of the file search engines have used string matching algorithms like KMP(Knuth.Morris.Pratt), which may limit portability and fast searching time. However, this kind of algorithms don't find exactly the files what you want. Hence, the file search engine based on weight value using file contents is proposed here in order to optimize the performance for mobile environments. The Comparison with previous research shows that the proposed schema provides better.


Text Search;Search Engine;Information Retrieval


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