Anisotropic Diffusion based on Directions of Gradient

기울기 방향성 기반의 이방성 확산

  • Published : 2008.11.28


Thanks to the multimedia technology development, it is possible to show image representations in high quality and to process images in various ways. Anisotropic diffusion as an effective diffusion filtering among many image preprocessing methods and postprocessing methods is used in reduction of speckle noises of ultrasound images, image restoration, edge detection, and image segmentation. However, the conventional anisotropic diffusion based on a cross-kernel causes the following problems. The problem is the concentration of edges in the vertical or horizontal directions. In this paper, a new anisotropic diffusion transform based on directions of gradient is proposed. The proposed method uses the eight directional square-kernel which is an expanded form of the cross-kernel. The proposed method is to select directions of small gradient based on square-kernel. Therefore, the range of proposed diffusion is selected adaptively according to the number of the directions of gradient. Experimental results show that the proposed method can decrease the concentration of edges in the vertical or horizontal directions, remove impulse noise. The image in high quality can be obtained as a result of the proposed method.


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