The highly sensitive NO2 gas sensor using ZnO nanorods grown by the sol-gel method

졸-겔법으로 증착된 ZnO 나노막대를 이용한 고감도 이산화질소 가스 센서 제작 및 특성 연구

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  • 김규태 (고려대학교)
  • Published : 2008.03.31


Multiple ZnO nanorod device detecting $NO_2$ gas was fabricated by sol-gel growth method and gas response characteristics were measured as a chemical gas sensor. The device is mainly composed of sensing electrode and sensing nano material. To acquire high sensitivity of the device for $NO_2$ gas it was heated by a heat chuck up to $400^{\circ}C$ The sensing part was easily made using the CMOS compatible process, for example, the large area and low temperature nano material growth process, etc. The sensors were successfully demonstrated and showed high sensitive response for $NO_2$ gas sensing.


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