Improvement of cultural heritage disaster management - The Case of Sungnyemun's Collapse in Fire -

문화재 재난관리의 필요성과 발전방향 - 숭례문 화재사고사례를 중심으로 -

  • Published : 2008.10.28


The present study purposed to assert the necessity of cultural property disaster control through analyzing the fire of the Sungnyemun and to suggest directions for the development of cultural property disaster control in the future. For these purposes, we reviewed literature such as research papers and books on cultural property disaster control, and presented problems in current cultural property disaster control and solutions for the problems through case study of the fire of the Sungnyemun. In a word, the fire of the Sungnyemun is a representative case showing difficulty in disaster prevention activities for wooden cultural properties. Accordingly, we need to recognize the necessity of cultural property disaster control and to prepare measures. For this, first, it is essential to reinforce preventive systems against cultural property disasters. Second, early actions should be taken in consideration of the characteristics of each cultural property. Third, for cultural property disaster control, it is important to maintain cooperative relations among the Cultural Properties Administration, National Emergency Management Agency, and relevant local self.governing bodies. Lastly, standards for cultural property fire protection systems should be tightened by improving related laws, and institutional bases should be intensified through preparing grounds for aggravated punishment for crimes against cultural properties such as arsons.


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