Inferiority, Depression and Psychosomatic Symptoms in Female Adolescents: The Mediating Effect of Perceived Entrapment

청소년 여학생의 열등감, 우울 및 정신신체 증상의 관계 - 지각된 속박감(perceived entrapment)의 매개효과 -

  • Published : 2008.10.31


Purpose: This descriptive correlation study was designed to examine the relationship of inferiority to depression and psychosomatic symptoms in female adolescents. In addition, this study investigated the mediating effect of perceived entrapment in relation to inferiority and other variables. Method: Data were collected from 526 female high school students. Self-report questionnaires, which were constructed to include demographic factors, inferiority, perceived entrapment, depression and psychosomatic symptoms, were used for data collection. Results: Students with high inferiority showed significantly higher perceived entrapment, depression and psychosomatic symptoms. here were significant positive correlations among the variables. Perceived entrapment had a significant mediating effect in relation to inferiority, depression and psychosomatic symptoms. Conclusion: Further study is necessary to develop effective nursing interventions for managing inferiority and perceived entrapment in this population.