A Study on the Reflect of the Locality and the Multiculturalism in the Local Broadcasting

지역방송의 지역성 및 다문화주의 반영에 관한 연구

  • 홍숙영 (한세대학교 미디어영상학부)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


This study identifies the present status of multicultural broadcasting programs as multicultural phenomenon is spreading throughout Korean society and it discusses how a local broadcasting has to reflect locality and multicultural characteristic. A notion on the local of multimedia and multichannel time is expanding as a concept of emotional and psychological territory over geographical space. Therefore the locality should reflect attachment and interests of its members as well as disseminating multicultural reality. A locality for broadcasting should accept differences, reflect a cultural diversity, and satisfy its dynamics. The purpose of this study is to inquire whether a local broadcasting is performing its function as a local press and a place forpublic opinions by examining how they reflect reality of local, where an inflow of Immigrants and their cultures are altering the place as a multicultural society, and what Programs they propose. This study also presents media education for immigrants, revitalization of community, multicultural education about local citizens, and practical use of multicultural contents and small output radio as a source of supply for local broadcasting program in order to harmonize production of multlcultural media contents In local society.


Locality;local broadcasting;multiculturalism;immigrant, small output radio