Synthesis and Characterization of Fe-containing AC/TiO2 Composites and Their Photodegradation Effect for the Piggery Waste

  • Oh, Won-Chun (Department of Advanced Materials & Science Engineering, Hanseo University)
  • Published : 2008.06.28


In this present study, we have synthesized Fe-containing AC(activated carbon)/$TiO_2$ composites with titanium (VI) n-butoxide (TNB) as a titanium source to Fe treated AC through an impregnation method. The result of the textural surface properties demonstrates that there is a slight decrease in the BET surface area of composite samples with an increase of the amount of Fe treated. The surface properties of scanning electron microscope (SEM) presented a characterization of a porous texture on the Fe-containing AC/$TiO_2$ composites and homogenous compositions for Fe and titanium dioxide distributed on the sample surfaces. Fe compound peaks and a titanium dioxide structure were observed in the X-ray diffraction patterns for the Fe-containing AC/$TiO_2$ composites. The results of chemical elemental composition for the Fe-containing AC/$TiO_2$ composites showed that most of the spectra for these samples gave stronger peaks for C, O, treated Fe components and Ti metal than that of any other elements. From the photo degradation results for the piggery waste, the Fe-containing AC/$TiO_2$ composites showed an excellent degradation activity for the chemical oxygen demand (COD) due to a photocatalysis of the supported $TiO_2$, radical reaction by Fe species and the adsorptivity and absorptivity of porous carbon.


Activated carbon;Titanium (IV) n-butoxide;BET;XRD;SEM;Photocatalysis


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