Improvement of Sensing Performance on Nasicon Amperometric NO2 Sensors

나시콘 전류검출형 NO2 센서의 성능개선

  • 김귀열 (울산대학교 전기저자정보시스템공학부)
  • Published : 2007.10.01


Many electrochemical power devices such as solid state batteries and solid oxide fuel cell have been studied and developed for solving energy and environmental problems. An amperometric gas sensor usually generates sensing signal of electric current along the proportion of the concentration of target gas under the condition of limiting current. For narrow variations of gas concentration, the amperometric gas sensor can show higher precision than a potentiometric gas sensor does. In additional, cross sensitivities to interfering gases can possibly be mitigated by choosing applied voltage and electrode materials properly. In order to improve the sensitivity to $NO_2$, the device was attached with Au reference electrode to form the amperometric gas sensor device with three electrodes. With the fixed bias voltage being applied between the sensing and counter electrodes, the current between the sensing and reference electrodes was measured as a sensing signal. The response to $NO_2$ gas was obviously enhanced and suppressed with a positive bias, respectively, while the reverse current occurred with a negative bias. The way to enhance the sensitivity of $NO_2$ gas sensor was thus realized. It was shown that the response to $NO_2$ gas could be enhanced sensitivity by changing the bias voltage.


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