The Fabrication of ZnO UV Photodetector with p-type Inversion Layer and Analysis of Vrlph Properties

P형 반전층을 갖는 ZnO 자외선 수광소자의 제작과 Vrlph특성 분석

  • 오상현 (원광대학교 전기전자및정보공학부) ;
  • 김덕규 (청주대학교 전자정보공학부) ;
  • 박춘배 (원광대학교 전기전자및정보공학부)
  • Published : 2007.10.01


Investigation of improving the properties of UV detector which uses the wide bandgap of ZnO are under active progress. The present study focused on the design and fabrication of i-ZnO/p-inversion $layer/n^--Si$ Epi. which is characterized with very thin p-type inversion layer for UV detectors. The i-ZnO thin film for achieving p-inversion layer which was grown by RF sputtering at $450^{\circ}C$ and then annealed at $400^{\circ}C$ in $O_2$ gas for 20 min shows good intrinsic properties. High (0002) peak intensity of the i-ZnO film is shown on XRD spectrum and it is confirmed by XPS analysis that the ratio of Zn : O of the i-ZnO film is nearly 1 : 1. Measurement shows high transmission of 79.5 % in UV range (< 400 nm) for the i-ZnO film. Measurement of $V_r-I_{ph}$ shows high UV photo-current of 1.2 mA under the reverse bias of 30 V.


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