Interfacial Layer and Thermal Characteristics in Ni-Zn-Cu Ferrite and Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3 for the Low Temperature Co-sintering

저온 동시소결을 위한 Ni-Zn-Cu 폐라이트와 Pb(Fe1/2Nb1/2)O3에서의 열적 거동 및 계면층 특성

  • 송정환 (배재대학교 정보전자소재공학과)
  • Published : 2007.10.01


In order to apply a complex multilayer chip LC filter, this study has estimated the interfacial reaction and coupling properties of dielectric materials $Pb(Fe_{1/2}Nb_{1/2})O_3$ and Ni-Zn-Cu ferrite materials through low-temperature co-sintering (LTCS). PFN powders were fabricated using double calcinated at $700^{\circ}C$ and then $850^{\circ}C$. While the perovskite phase rate was found to be 91 %, after heat treatment at $900^{\circ}C$ for 6h, the perovskite phase rate and density exhibited a value of 100 % and 7.46$g/cm^3$, respectively. The PFN/Ni-Zn-Cu ferrite, PFN/CUO (or $Pb_2Fe_2O_5$) and ferrite/CuO (or $Pb_2Fe_2O_5$) were mechanically coupled through interfacial reactions after the specimen was co-sintered at $900^{\circ}C$ for 6 h. No intermediate layer exists for the mutual coupling reaction. This result indicates the possibility of low-temperature co-sintering without any interfacial reaction layer for a multilayer chip LC filter.


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