The Effect of Thermal Annealing and Growth of CdGa2Se4 Single Crystal Thin Film by Hot Wall Epitaxy

Hot Wall Epitaxy(HWE)법에 의한 CdGa2Se4 단결정 박막 성장과 열처리 효과

  • Published : 2007.10.01


The stochiometric mix of evaporating materials for the $CdGa_2Se_4$ single crystal thin films was prepared from horizontal furnace. To obtain the single crystal thin films, $CdGa_2Se_4$ mixed crystal was deposited on thoroughly etched semi-insulating GaAs(100) substrate by the Hot Wall Epitaxy (HWE) system. The source and substrate temperature were $630^{\circ}C$ and $420^{\circ}C$, respectively. The crystalline structure of single crystal thin films was investigated by the photoluminescence and double crystal X-ray diffraction (DCXD).The carrier density and mobility of $CdGa_2Se_4$ single crystal thin films measured from Hall effect by van der Pauw method are $8.27{\times}10^{17}\;cm^{-3},\;345\;cm^2/V{\cdot}s$ at 293 K. respectively. The temperature dependence of the energy band gap of the $CdGa_2Se_4$ obtained from the absorption spectra was well described by the Varshni's relation, $Eg(T)\;=\;2.6400\;eV\;-\;(7.721{\times}10^{-4}\;eV/K)T^2/(T+399\;K)$. After the as-grown single crystal $CdGa_2Se_4$ thin films were annealed in Cd-, Se-, and Ga -atmospheres, the origin of point defects of single crystal $CdGa_2Se_4$ thin films has been investigated by PL at 10 K. The native defects of $V_{Cd}$, $V_{Se}$, $Cd_{int}$, and $Se_{int}$ obtained by PL measurements were classified as donors or accepters. We concluded that the heat-treatment in the Cd-atmosphere converted single crystal $CdGa_2Se_4$ thin films to an optical p-type. Also, we confirmed that Ga in $CdGa_2Se_4/GaAs$ did not form the native defects because Ga in single crystal $CdGa_2Se_4$ thin films existed in the form of stable bonds.


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