Design and Characteristics of Anti-reflection Coating using Multi-layer Thin Film on the Ferrule Facet

다층 박막을 이용한 패럴 단면의 무반사 코팅 설계 및 특성

  • 기현철 (한국광기술원 광응용연구사업부 광소자팀) ;
  • 양명학 (한국광기술원 광응용연구사업부 광소자팀) ;
  • 김선훈 (한국광기술원 광응용연구사업부 광소자팀) ;
  • 김태언 (한국광기술원 광응용연구사업부 광소자팀) ;
  • 김회종 (한국광기술원 광응용연구사업부 광소자팀) ;
  • 구할본 (전남대학교 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2007.11.01


In this paper, we have designed the anti-reflection(AR) coating for $1400{\sim}1600$ nm wavelength range on the ferrule facet of optical connector. The low-temperature ion-assisted deposition was applied to AR coating on the ferrule facet in order to avoid damage of optical connector. We have measured the refractive index of coating film($Ta_2O_5\;and\;SiO_2$) using the ellipsometer and optimized the film thickness using the SEM and thickness measurement equipment. UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer is used to measure transmissivity of the AR coated ferrule facet. The refractive index of $Ta_2O_5\;and\;SiO_2$ is $2.123{\sim}2.125$ and $1.44{\sim}1.442$, respectively, for $1400{\sim}1600$ nm wavelength range. The transmissivity of the AR coated ferule facet is more than 99.8 % for $1425{\sim}1575$ nm wavelength range and more than 99.5 % for $1400{\sim}1600$ nm wavelength range. The return loss of the AR coated ferrule facet is 30.1 dB.


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