Properties of ZnO Thin Films Grown by Radio-frequency Magnetron Sputtering in terms of O2/Ar Mixture Flow Ratio

O2/Ar 혼합 유량비를 변수로 갖는 라디오파 마그네트론 스퍼터링으로 성장된 ZnO 박막의 특성

  • 조신호 (신라대학교 전자재료공학과)
  • Published : 2007.11.01


The structural, optical, and electrical properties of ZnO thin films grown on glass by radio-frequency (rf) magnetron sputtering were investigated. The mixture flow ratio of $O_2$ to Ar, which was operated with sputtering gas, was chosen as a parameter for growing high-qualify ZnO thin films. The structural properties and surface morphologies of the thin films were characterized by the X-ray diffraction and the atomic force microscope, respectively. As for the optical properties of the films, the optical absorbance was measured in the wavelength range of 300-1100 nm by using UV-VIS spectrophotometer. The optical transmittance, absorption coefficient, and optical bandgap energy of ZnO thin films were calculated from the measured data. The crystallinity of the films was improved and the bandgap energy was increased from 3.08 eV to 3.23 eV as the oxygen flow ratio was increased from 0 % to 50 %. Furthermore, The ultraviolet and violet luminescences were observed by using photoluminescence spectroscopy. The hall mobility was decreased with the increase of oxygen flow ratio.


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