The Study on the Statistical Characteristics of Road Traffic Noise in Apartment Complex

국내 단지도로에서 도로교통소음에 대한 통계학적 특성연구 -도로교통 소음원이 수음점에 미치는 수평.수직 음원 분포특성 중심으로-

  • Published : 2007.10.31


This paper represents the statistical characteristics of sources and receptors for road traffic noise in apartment complex. Also we suggested that the site-specific characteristics of vertical and horizontal distributions in the complex apartment have been derived using a different analysis for evaluating levels of Leq1h by the apartment floor at a given distance from a road in terms of the flow rate, the mean speed of the traffic, and the percentage of the type vehicles in the day and night periods. As a result, the contribution orders of traffic quantity by the type of vehicles showed as followed: light vehicle>medium vehicle>heavy vehicle>motorcycle. Especially, the mixing ratio of entering the road on the heavy vehicle in the daytime was two times higher than that of in the night. The speed in all types of vehicle is in the range of 41 and 81 km/hr and noise level was not significantly different in day and night-time. The sources of road traffic noise had different variations and uncertainties using a random variable and probability distribution. The sound distribution to receptors by the apartment floor showed S curve between 1st floor and $15^{th}$ floor With the normality test, the normal distributions using Anderson-Darling Test followed $1^{st},\;3^{th},\;13^{th}$ and $15^{th}$, floor in the daytime and all floors except $7^{th}$ floor in the night (p>0.05). And also, the value of the pearson correlation coefficient (r) obtained in this study have significantly different at the range of floor. In conclusion, the results suggested that the distribution characteristics of levels of $Leq_{1h}$ on the sources and receptors of road traffic noise in apartment complex must be improved and developed on the guideline of regulation of road traffic noise.


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