On Euler : His Life and Mathematics, and Euler Archive

오일러가 수학사에 미친 영향에 대한 소고 오일러의 탄생 300주년을 기념하며

  • Published : 2007.08.31


Many countries in the world are celebrating the tercentenary of the birth of L. Euler. One of them to notice is the construction of the Euler Archive, which is an online archive, made by two Ph.D. graduates from Dartmouth College. On the appearance of the archive, the authors remind of the life and works of mathematician L. Euler, who is considered as the most prolific, prominent, and versatile mathematician with the huge volume of his works as well as their importances, in the history of mathematics. Celebrating the 300th birthyear of L. Euler and the appearance of Euler Archive, authors suggest The Korean Society for History of Mathematics of investigating on Euler by ourselves as Koreans, and furthermore translating some works of his. Such works may stimulate interests in mathematics and its history to students as well as scholars.