Community Services of University: A Case Study of Chonnam National University

대학의 지역사회 봉사: 전남대학을 사례로

  • Ahn, Young-Jin (Department of Geography, Chonnam National University)
  • 안영진 (전남대학교 사회과학대학 지리학과)
  • Published : 2007.03.31


This article shows how the university can contribute to regional development through its public services. To that end, this article firstly tried to examine the functions and activities of the universities in civic engagement. Secondly the actual contents and various programs of the Chonnam National University located in Kwangju, South Korea are analyzed as a case study. It is seen that Chonnam National University is emphasizing the civic engagements in terms of continuing educations, openings of the facilities, and volunteers services or social works of the students. But the more active connections between university and its community are still needed for the enhanced responsibility of the faculty about public services and for the enduring civic engagements.