Reduction of Groundwater Licences for Groundwater Management Areas in Jeju Island

제주도 지하수특별관리구역의 지하수이용허가권 조정방안

  • Published : 2007.07.30


It is necessary to draw up many plans to solve problems in the management of groundwater resources in Jeju Island while systematically develop and utilize water resources at an optimal level. It also seems to an evitable option to establish Groundwater Management Areas in Jeju Island. The excess use of groundwater could be discouraged by imposing charges on those licenses. Such policy as allowance trading system do not appear to be because of transaction costs, but could be applied if only were accompanied by complementary method. The methods of using and conserving the limited resources of groundwater should be founded through socially agreeable and appropriate ways. The policy complemented allowance trading system by Pigouian tax could be effective to regulate licenses. This is cutting the numbers of licenses at a constant rate, imposing charges on those who want to continue using licenses, and reimbursing in cash to those who return the licenses.


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