A Study on Mount Performance for Structure-Borne Noise Reduction in Resiliently Mounted System

탄성지지된 시스템의 마운트 고체음저감 성능에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.06.30


SBN (Structure-Borne Noise) reduction in resiliently mounted machineries are predicted by using mass-spring model and wave model. In mass-spring model, mount is modeled as a spring, while in wave model, mount is considered as an equivalent elastic rod for taking account into longitudinal wave propagation. The predictions for SBN reduction through mounts are compared to the measurements for four different pumps. It is found that the mass-spring model is valid only in low frequency range below few hundred Hz, while for high frequency ranges longitudinal wave propagation in the mount must be considered to explain the measurements. It is also shown that impedance of the floor slightly affects low frequency behaviour in mass-spring and wave model below 50 Hz - 80 Hz, so that in engineering practice the effect of floor impedance may be neglected in computing mount performance.


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