Design and Implementation of the Gateway for Remote Monitoring a Combine

콤바인 원격 모니터링을 위한 게이트웨이 설계 및 개발

  • Published : 2007.06.25


The objective of this study was to design and implement a gateway for remote monitoring a combine. Many researchers have designed and implemented trouble-shooting system of agricultural machine. but the system didn't have network system or used wired network system. But monitoring machine have been operated in the out of door. In such an environment, each machine have to be operated under on a guarantee of mobility and stability. Thus, we have developed a gateway with an embedded system including the XScale PXA255 processor and wireless network device. We have also built an embedded Linux kernel and several devices. We developed an embedded application for monitoring a combine and this application is also capable of receiving signals from other clients and sending them to a server via Wireless LAN. Finally, results of performance evaluation which measured CPU share and memory sizes have shown that it is possible to provide monitoring service stably.


Monitoring system;Gateway;Server;Embedded linux system


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