Geoacoustic Velocity of Basement and Tertiary Successions of the Okgye and Bukpyeong Coast, East Sea

동해 옥계, 북평 연안 기반암의 지음향 속도와 제3기 퇴적층

Ryang, Woo-Hun;Kwon, Yi-Kyun;Jin, Jae-Hwa;Kim, Hyun-Tae;Lee, Chi-Won

  • Published : 2007.06.30


A geoacoustic modeling has been developed to predict sound transmission through the submarine layers of sediment and rock. It demands a geoacoustic model with the measured, extrapolated, and predicted values of geoacoustic parameters controlling acoustic propagation. In the coastal areas of Okgye and Bukpyeong, the East Sea, the marine succession consists of Quaternary/Tertiary deposits and acoustic basement. The basement of Okgye coastal area is indicative of siliciclastics of the Pyeongan Group in Paleozoic, and the average velocities of P-wave and S-wave are 4276 m/s and 2400 m/s, respectively. The basement of Bukpyeong coastal area is indicative of limestone of the Joseon Supergroup in early Paleozoic, and the average velocities of P-wave and S-wave are 5542 m/s and 2742 m/s, respectively.


geoacoustics;basement;Okgye;Bukpyeong;East Sea


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