Influence of Laminating and Sintering Condition on Permittivity and Shrinkage During LTCC Process

LTCC 공정 중 적층 및 소결이 유전율과 회로 형상에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2007.08.01


LTCC(Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic) which offers a good performance to produce multilayer structures with electronic circuits and components has emerged as an attractive technology in the electronic packaging industry. In LTCC module fabrication process, the lamination and the sintering are very important processes and affect the electrical characteristics of the final products because the processes change the permittivity of ceramics and the dimension of the circuit patterns which have influences on electronic properties. This paper discusses the influence of lamination pressure and sintering temperature on the permittivity and the dimensional change of LTCC products. In the present investigation, it is shown that the permittivity increases along with increasing of the lamination pressure and the sintering temperature.


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