Structural and Electrical Properties of (Ba,Sr,Ca)TiO3 Thick Films doped with Dy 2O3

Dy2O3를 첨가한 (Ba,Sr,Ca)TiO3 후막의 구조 및 전기적 특성 연구

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  • Published : 2007.08.01


In this study, we investigated the effects of structural and electrical properties of $(Ba_{0.6},\;Sr_{0.3},\;Ca_{0.1})TiO_3$ thick films with variation $Dy_2O_3$ contents. $(Ba_{0.6},\;Sr_{0.3},\;Ca_{0.1})TiO_3$ powders, prepared by the sol-gel method, were mixed organic vehicle. The BSCT thick films doped with 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 mol% $Dy_2O_3$ were fabricated by the screen-printing techniques on the alumina substrates and the structural and dielectric properties were investigated with variation of $Dy_2O_3$ doping contents. All BSCT thick films were sintered at $1420^{\circ}C$, for 2hr. In the TG-DTA analysis, the formation of the polycrystalline perovskite phase was observed at around $670 ^{\circ}C$. In the XRD analysis, all BSCT thick films showed the cubic perovskite structure. The average thickness of BSCT thick films was approximately $65{\mu}m$. The Curie temperature decreased with increasing $Dy_2O_3$ amount. The relative dielectric constant and dielectric loss of BSCT thick films doped with $Dy_2O_3$ 0.1 mol% were 6267 and 2.6 %, respectively.


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