A basic study for establishment of specialized dental hygienist system around the duties of dental hygienist

전문치과위생사제도 확립을 위한 기초 조사 연구

  • Bae, Sung-Suk (Seoul National University Dental Hospital Manager/Dental Hygiene Dept. Doctoral Program, Dept. of Health Management, College of Education, Ewha Women's University)
  • 배성숙 (서울대학교치과병원/이화여자대학교 보건관리학과)
  • Published : 2007.12.30


With these changes in the environment of dental service, dental hygienists are suggested to change their roles to cope with the changes. Hygienists are putting forth many efforts to promote smooth and efficient dental treatments, and as a practical measure. As a part to cope with such changes. Korea Dental Hygienists Association(KDHA) has prepared the system of Specialized Dental Hygienist and put the system into enforcement through an affiliated organization, Korean Academy of Dental Hygiene. The purpose of this study is to investigate the specialized nurse system in our country's medical environment and the specialized dental hygienist systems in other countries as similar cases comparable to the specialized dental hygienist system in our country and present basic data for the establishment of specialized dental hygienist system. For this study, a survey of dental specialists, such as dentists, dental hygienists and nurses, and patients, has been conducted qualitatively through person-to-person depth interview. The interview questions were related to the need for a specialized dental hygienist system, educational programs, functions and roles, and issues that must be solved for establishment of the system. Based on the interview results, the following conclusions were derived. The specialized dental hygienist system must encourage dental hygienists to possess advanced abilities in clinical practices, present systematic and developmental directions in educational programs, and stimulate specialized dental hygienists to actively work as manager and supervisor, medical health service providers, educators, and researchers. Lastly, for issues that must be solved for the establishment of the system, the duties and jobs of specialized dental hygienists must be defined more concretely, which must be acknowledged by people working in related occupations, citizens and the government. Furthermore, we need to examine the scope of duties of dental hygienists and enact laws and systems to protect the scope. These roles will lead dental hygienists to lay the foundation that allow them to make enthusiastic activities as an oral hygienist and clinician as well as show the way how to act as an educator, a researcher, a manager and an administrator.