A Study on the Application of RFID to Teaching-Learning in u-Learning Environment

u-러닝 환경에서 RFID의 교수-학습 적용에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.06.30


With the advent of ubiquitous society, the paradigm of education is also changing. In u-learning in ubiquitous environment, mobile devices such as cellular phone, PDA, PMP, UMPC and TPC will become important learning tools. Particularly if RFID, a key technology in ubiquitous society, is utilized in teaching-learning along with mobile devices, we can expect much more meaningful learning. The present study proposed four types of application of RFID to teaching.learning, which were RFID-card, RFID-book, RFID-label and RFID-test, and examined their possibility and effectiveness. According to the results of this study, technology was insufficient to support the application of RFID-label to teaching-learning and continuous research was required for modeling the application of RFID to teaching-learning.