Memory Scrubbing for On-Board Computer of STSA T-2

과학기술위성 2호 탑재컴퓨터의 메모리 세정 방안

  • 유상문 (군산대학교 전자정보공학부)
  • Published : 2007.06.01


The OBC(on-board computer) of a satellite which plays a role of the controller for the satellite should be equipped with preventive measures against transient errors caused by SEU(single event upset). Since memory devices are pretty much susceptible to these transient errors, it is essential to protect memory devices against SFU. A common method exploits an error detection and correction code and additional memory devices, combined with periodic memory scrubbing. This paper proposes an effective memory scrubbing scheme for the OBC of STSAT-2. The memory system of the OBC is briefly mentioned and the reliability of the information stored in the memory system is analyzed. The result of the reliability analysis shows that there exist optimal scrubbing periods achieving the maximum reliability for allowed overall scrubbing overhead and they are dependent on the significance of the information stored. These optimal scrubbing periods from a reliability point of view are derived analytically.


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