A Study on the Traffic Improvement at an Approach Area of Busan Harbor

부산항 제1항로 진입 해역의 통항 개선에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2007.06.30


In approaching sea area of Busan harbour, there are many traffic vessels and external forces such as strong seasonal wind and lateral flow are existed. Since the area caused the risk of navigation and ship operators feel hard to enter/depart on Busan port, we carried our the evaluation of traffic risk and propriety at Busan no.1 fairway. In order to assess the safety in the fairway, we analyzed ship's traffic stream based on the marine traffic survey and evaluated the traffic safety of present Traffic Separation Schemes(TSS) and suggest TSS in the research using full mission ship-handling simulators. As a result, the suggested TSS has an effect on improving the traffic safety. In addition, this paper was to suggest the dredging area of depth of water, the passage of towing vessels and control of warships for preventing of maritime accidents in the Busan no.1 fairway.


Busan No.1 fairway;Traffic survey;Traffic separation;Traffic safety;Traffic improvement


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