An Integral-Augmented Nonlinear Optimal Variable Structure System for Uncertain MIMO Plants

  • Lee, Jung-Hoon (ERI, Dept. of Control and Instrumentation Engineering, Gyeongsang National University)
  • Published : 2007.03.31


In this paper, a design of an integral augmented nonlinear optimal variable structure system(INOVSS) is presented for the prescribed output control of uncertain MIMO systems under persistent disturbances. This algorithm basically concerns removing the problems of the reaching phase and combining with the nonlinear optimal control theory. By means of an integral nonlinear sliding surface, the reaching phase is completely removed. The ideal sliding dynamics of the integral nonlinear sliding surface is obtained in the form of the nonlinear state equation and is designed by using the nonlinear optimal control theory, which means the design of the integral nonlinear sliding surface and equivalent control input. The homogeneous $2{\upsilon}(\kappa)$ form is defined in order to easily select the $2{\upsilon}$ or even $(\kappa)-form$ higher order nonlinear terms in the suggested sliding surface. The corresponding nonlinear control input is designed in order to generate the sliding mode on the predetermined transformed new surface by means of diagonalization method. As a result, the whole sliding output from a given initial state to origin is completely guaranteed against persistent disturbances. The prediction/predetermination of output is enable. Moreover, the better performance by the nonlinear sliding surface than that of the linear sliding surface can be obtained. Through an illustrative example, the usefulness of the algorithm is shown.