Prediction of Watershed Erosion and Deposition Potentials

유역침식 및 퇴적 잠재능 예측모델 개발

  • Son, Kwang-Ik (School of Civil & Environmental Eng., Yeungnam Univ.)
  • Published : 2007.03.31


A model for predicting potentials of land erosion and deposition over a natural basin was developed based on the mass balance principle. The program was developed based on sediment mass balance principle for each cell in a GIS. Sediment yield from a cell was estimated with RUSLE. The outflow sediment from a cell was calculated by multiplying the sediment yield of the cell by the sediment delivery ratio (SDR) of the cell. The outflow sediment from the upstream cell becomes the incoming sediment of the downstream cell. Therefore the erosion and deposition potential of each cell could be determined from the sediment mass balance i.e., the difference between the incoming and outflow of sediments of each cell. The developed model was validated by comparing the predicted sediment yields for three basins with measured data.


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