Analytical Study on Joints in Precast Segmental Prestressed Concrete Bridge Piers

조립식 프리스트레스트 콘크리트 교각의 접합부에 관한 해석적 연구

  • Published : 2007.02.28


This paper presents an analysis procedures of Joints in precast segmental prestressed concrete bridge piers. A computer program, named RCAHEST (Reinforced Concrete Analysis in Higher Evaluation System Technology), for the analysis of reinforced concrete structures was used. Material nonlinearity is taken into account by comprising tensile, compressive and shear models of cracked concrete and a model of reinforcing steel. An unbended tendon element based on the finite element method, that can represent the interaction between tendon and concrete of prestressed concrete member, is used. A joint element is newly developed to predict the inelastic behaviors of segmental joints. The proposed numerical method for joints in precast segmental prestressed concrete bridge piers is verified by comparison with reliable experimental results.


precast segmental;prestressed concrete bridge piers;material nonlinearity;unbonded tendon element;joint element


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