Capacity of Concrete Filled Carbon Tube Columns Based on the Comparison of Ductility and Energy Dissipation Capacity

연성도 및 에너지 소산능력 비교에 따른 콘크리트충전 탄소섬유튜브 기둥의 성능

  • Published : 2007.02.28


Flexural capacity estimation test of concrete filled carbon tube (CFCT) column under the cyclic lateral load was carried out in this study. Thickness of carbon tube and winding angles of carbon fiber were chosen as test parameters and two types of column with square and circular sections were manufactured. To act axial and lateral load, three dynamic actuators were used and all specimens were made with actual size. Flexural stiffness, ability of deformation, energy dissipation capacity and ductility behavior. of CFCT column were analyzed with test data.


CFCT (Concrete Filled Carbon Tube);cyclic lateral load;ductility behavior


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