The application of simplified risk assessment for tunnel

터널 리스크 평가 기법의 적용성에 대한 연구

  • Published : 2007.03.31


Unexpected ground conditions have always been a major problem for the construction of tunnel. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the risk capacity before and/or during construction of new tunnel. This paper presents the simplified risk assessment system using modified stability number (N), namely Underground Risk Index (URI) system, to evaluate the tunnel risk possibility in the design stage. URI is a scoring system for risk possibility by rating the each appraisal elements. The modified stability number (N) which is one of risk factor in the Interaction Matrix parameters such as RQD, UCS, weathering, overburden, stability number, ground water-table, RMR, permeability and so on, is used in the system. In addition, the case study is performed in order to verify the applicability of URI-system in practice.