The Effects of Areca catechu Extracts on Tyrosinase Gene Expression in B16 Mouse Melanoma Cells

B16 마우스 흑색 종양 세포에서 빈랑(Areca catechu) 추출물이 티로시나아제 유전자에 미치는 효과

  • 진종언 (동강대학 피부미용과) ;
  • 조남철 (동강대학 호텔조리영양과)
  • Published : 2007.06.30


In this study, we found that the methanolic extract of Areca catechu repressed expression of the tyrosinase gene in B16 mouse melanoma cells containing a tyrosinase promoter. Extract concentrations of 100 ${\mu}$g/ml and 500 ${\mu}$g/ml exhibited tyrosinase gene expression rates of aproximately 62% and 48%, respectively, compared to the control. The fraction layers consisting of ethyl acetate, butyl alcohol, and water showed repressive effects on the tyrosinase gene. In particular, the butyl alcohol fraction highly repressed at 100 ${\mu}$g/ml and 500 ${\mu}$g/ml. In the MTT assay, the methanolic extracts exhibited very low cytotoxicities at 1 ${\mu}$g/ml, 10 ${\mu}$g/ml, and 100 ${\mu}$g/ml.



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