Processing of Convenient Rice Gruels with Sericultures

쌀과 양잠 산물을 활용한 즉석 죽 제조

  • Published : 2007.06.30


The purpose of this study was to develop traditional Korean rice gruels using sericultures. The SOD-like activities of the sericultures were in the order of 39.56%(Paecilomyces tenuipes: PT)>26.91%(Mulberry leaf: ML)>7.68%(Mulberry fruit: MF). The total phenolic acid contents were ML(0.21 mg/ml)>PT(0.16 mg/ml)>MF(0.07 mg/ml). The ML was the highest in all the groups. In the sensory evaluation, for overall quality, the rice gruel with ML was scored higher than the other samples, The brightness(L) of the rice gruels with sericultures were PT>MF>ML, and redness(a) was highest for MF(3.70) and yellowness(b) was highest for PT(17.74). The moisture contents of the gruels were 0.38%, 0.19%, and 0.07%, for ML, MF, and PT, respectively. The ash contents of the gruels were in the order of MF>PT>ML. The crude fat and protein contents were highest in the PT gruels.



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