Recognition and Perception on Ge-Geol Radish in Icheon Area

이천시 주민의 게걸무에 대한 인지도 및 계승 ${\cdot}$ 발전에 대한 인식

  • Published : 2007.04.30


The purpose of this study was to investigate the recognition and the perception for succession and development on Ge-Geol radish that has been grown in Icheon area. A total of 385 (male 118, female 267) aged over 20 years who lived in Icheon area were investigated from May to June 2006. Seventy five percent of the total subjects were recognized Ge-Geol radish, and only the 40.8% of them were recognized as regional special agriproduct exactly. And the rate of the subjects who had experience to eat Ge-Geol radish was just 40.8%. While preferences on Ge-Geol radish were relatively high among the subjects who have experience to eat. Reasons for liking were 'distinctive (43.8%)', 'eat from a child (24.5%)', 'tasty (15.1%)', and 'nutritious(8.3%)'. Reasons for disliking were 'rough texture (54.8%)', 'tasteless (9.7%)', 'unique smell (9.7%)', 'undesirable color (6.5%)', and 'indistinctive (6.5%)'. Also, most of the subjects considered the need for the succession and the development of Ge-Geol radish. Therefore, for expanding utilization of Ge-Geol radish, it should be contacted easily from a child and be developed as products suited to the consumer's needs by various cooking and processing methods.


Icheon City;Ge-Geol Radish;special agriproduct


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