The Determinants of Households' DTV Purchase Probability and Time

DTV의 구매의향과 구매시기 결정요인 분석

  • Published : 2007.06.30


This paper tries to find out how a household's purchase probability and purchase time changes as time passes. Previous studies show that a highly educated family with high income, which is usually an early adopter in a new product adoption, tends to be an early adopter of DTV. On the contrary, in the dynamic sense of diffusion, this study shows that an average household's purchase probability would become higher and its purchase time would come sooner than later, as price falls sharply. As time passes, it turns out that DTV is becoming a necessary good rather than a luxury good. Thus, in the future, either a household's popuation characteristics or information on new product are not expected to affect the probability of a household's purchasing DTV.