Research on the Interior Environment Planning of a Postpartum Care Center.

산후 조리원 실내 환경 계획에 관한 연구

  • 이종희 (서일대학 실내디자인과)
  • Published : 2007.02.28


The postpartum care center is a facility which made its debut only about 10 years ago but has now changed the nation's postpartum care culture. Women delivered of a child use the postpartum care center at this time since the low rate of childbirth has become a social phenomenon. However, while the postpartum care center is not supported legally and systematically, anybody can run it after they only file a report on businessman status with the tax office. So there are disordered wave of postpartum care startups which do not have basic facilities. Thus, this study is intended to suggest an interior environment plan considering an efficient space and users' benefits of a postpartum care center which has a characteristic difference from that of ordinary facilities in terms of targeted persons or operations but for which standards are not clear in terms of the Health and Welfare Law and the Medical Service Law. This study was conducted by investigating the actual condition of the entrance space, living space, common-use space, nursing space, administration and attached space in the six postpartum care centers selected from Seoul and Kyeonggi-do region and suggesting the direction of improvements, thus establishing the direction of interior designs and an interior environment plan. Hopefully, this study would be used as basic data on interior building plans, thus being helpful in enhancing the satisfaction of the postpartum care center user and operating the facility.